Lea Mornar

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The Pagan Queen

is based on the Czech legend of Libuse, the Slavic queen of 8th century Bohemia. Gifted with supernatural powers Libuse (Winter Ave Zoli) ruled as a woman over the tribes of the region with her sisters Kazi and Teta and an army of women under the command of her best friend, the Amazon Vlasta (Lea Mornar). When the peaceful community of farmers is under attack by raiders and split into different parties of power hungry landowners, Libuse is forced into marriage by her own people. Desperate she elects her long time lover Premysl (Csaba Lucas). Soon Premyl takes over the new kingdom. But Libuse's friend Vlasta refuses to follow the new leader and with her maiden army declares war on the men of Bohemia.

Director: Constantin Werner
Producers: Constantin Werner, Nancy Bishop, Jan Hlavsa, Petr Keller, Vladimír Lhoták, Nikolette Orlandou, Maria Schram
Starring: Lea Mornar, Winter Ave Zoli, Csaba Lucas, Vera Filatova
method_lea_birol The Official Site

In his new theater production "Taming of the Shrew" director Georgi (Birol Ünel) applies rather unconventional rehearsal methods. By using esoteric techniques with his unsuspecting actors he hopes to represent authentic modern life on stage. But during the preparation Georgi has to watch how his method turns against him and takes its own course. While Georgi is totally engaged in his play his wife Alma (Lea Mornar) is troubled by serious depressions. She tries to put her life to an end and only the mysterious criminal Lucky (Erdal Yildiz) prevents her suicide. He saves Alma and uses the opportunity to get closer to the nerve-racked diva.

Director: Ulas Inan Inaç
Producers: Aykut Kayacik, Ünsal Meseci
Starring: Lea Mornar, Birol Ünel, Erdal Yildiz, Esther Zimmering
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Joy Division

In the last days of World War II, Thomas (Tom Schilling), a teenager is forced into battle against Red Army. During the onslaught he loses sight of Melanie (Bernadette Heerwagen), his first love and meets Astrid (Lea Mornar), a determined survivor, and together they join the vast exodus of refugees fleeing westwards. However, by a cruel twist he is captured by the Russians. 17 years later Thomas (Ed Stoppard)is recruited by the KGB and sent to London to infiltrate a Soviet Spy ring, at the height of the Cold War.

Director: Reg Traviss
Producers: Robert Sidaway, Ashley Sidaway, Laszlo Sipos, Stefan Raiser,Felix Zackor, Ildiko Kemeny, Kim Leggatt, Tony Hines, Daniel Millar
Starring: Lea Mornar, Bernard Hill, Tom Schilling, Ed Stoppard, Bernadette Heerwagen, Ricci Harnet, Sean Chapman
the truth poster The Official Site
The Truth

is an outrageous murder-mystery for the 'Me Generation'. Seven strangers go to a remote retreat for a week of soul searching. Encouraged to tell the truth at all times by their guru Donna Shuck, they venture on a spiritual journey of personal growth, taking in jealousy, hatred, sex, perversion and a little murder on the way.

Director: George Milton
Producers: George Milton, Mark Tilton, Julie-Anne Edwards, Martino Sclavi, George Lenz, Andrew J. Curtis, Siobhan Lyons, Kenton Allen
Starring: Lea Mornar, Elizabeth McGovern, Rachael Stirling, Karl Theobald, Zoe Telford, Elaine Cassidy, Stephen Lord, William Beck, Amelia Bullmore
such mich nicht plakat The Official Site
Don´t Look For Me

Anna (Lea Mornar) is a contract killer. Her boss, Lewin (Udo Schenk) is a cold professional. While setting up a hit, she meets Lino (Stipe Erceg), who fascinates her. They spend a night together. Her next "mark" turns out to be a contract killer, who wants to retire. She is caught off guard, is wounded and only barely manages to escape. Not sure, if she can still trust Lewin, she goes to Lino´s. Lewin tracks Anna down and insists she attends to her unfinished business, which she does. When she then says she wanted to retire, Lewin agrees on one condition. She must take out Lino.

Director: Tilman Zens
Producer: Rüdiger Heinze
Starring: Lea Mornar, Stipe Erceg, Udo Schenk
love your neighbour The Official Site
Love Your Neighbor

Lt. Josephine (Lea Mornar) is a new soldier with the Salvation Army, and she's sent on a mission to save souls and do good works in Berlin, paired with her new associate, Lt. Isolde (Heike Makatsch). Not long after they arrive Josephine encounter Tristan (Moritz Bleibtreu), a powerful and morally-elastic management consultant. The eternal battle between good and evil forms the basis for this comedy.

Director: Detlev Buck
Producers: Claus Boje, Martin Rohrbeck, Martin Wiebel
Starring: Lea Mornar, Moritz Bleibtreu, Heike Makatsch, Marc Hosemann, Monica Bleibtreu